Monday, November 17, 2008


Anonymous said...

Rad Dad

searching_for_something said...

How scary are those dolls heads on the top of the car??!!

Anonymous said...

wonder how she turned out?

Wildean said...

Where is this from ? I love the car.

Jen G Bowen said...

Photographer here:

This was at the Lexington Ave Arts & Fun Festival (LAAFF) in Asheville, NC during Sept 2007.

The fellow's name is Richard Zerbe.
His daughter, also in the photo, is Avrion Zerbe (who is turning out just great so far as I can tell).

The art car in the back is known as the Emergence-C (an old Ambulance that has been psychedelically folk-arted out) by the artist Robert Seven.

The photographer, myself, is Jen G. Bowen: